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.7 BY255 1N1204A SMS250 P6KE24A ZPD3.6 BY252 1N1186 RBY303 KBU12G SM513 SMZ160Q P4KE7.5A SK14 1N5406 BY500-100 P4KE250A P4KE16A ZX160 1.5KE9.1 ZMM43 1.5KE16 1N3766 CS40D BZW04-7V8 ZY10 P4KE75A BYW27-600 1N4936

Diotec Informatiebladen Catalog-6

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
BZV58C22 DiotecSilicon power Z-diode
1N4005 DiotecSilicon rectifier
ZPD2.7 DiotecSilicon Z-diode
BY255 DiotecSilicon rectifier
1N1204A DiotecSilicon power rectifier
SMS250 DiotecSurface mount Schottky rectifier
P6KE24A DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
ZPD3.6 DiotecSilicon Z-diode
BY252 DiotecSilicon rectifier
1N1186 RBY303 DiotecSilicon power rectifier
KBU12G DiotecSilicon bridge rectifier
SM513 DiotecSurface mount Si rectifier
SMZ160Q DiotecSurface mount Silicon power Z-diode
P4KE7.5A DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
SK14 DiotecSurface mount Schottky rectifier
1N5406 DiotecSilicon rectifier
BY500-100 DiotecFast silicon rectifier
P4KE250A DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
P4KE16A DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
ZX160 DiotecSilicon power Z-diode
1.5KE9.1 DiotecUnidirectional and bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode
ZMM43 DiotecSurface mount silicon-Z-diode
1.5KE16 DiotecUnidirectional and bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode
1N3766 DiotecSilicon power rectifier
CS40D DiotecSchottky bridge rectifier
BZW04-7V8 DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
ZY10 DiotecSilicon power Z-diode
P4KE75A DiotecTransient voltage suppressor diode
BYW27-600 DiotecSilicon rectifier
1N4936 DiotecFast silicon rectifier

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