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HD14572UB 2SA1190 HN58V1001T-25 HD14077B 2SJ530(S) HM62W16255HCTT-10 HM62256ALP-12 HD74LS247 HD6301V1P HSM88WK HD68A21 2SC535 HA12173 HD14078B 2SK2927 2SD2123(S) 2SB647A HD153021F HD74HC573 2SK2426 HA22039 HD74LS156 HD74LS253 HD74HC352 HSC277 HA16689MP HN58X2432TI 2SJ217

Hitachi Informatiebladen Catalog-101

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
HD63A05X0F Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HD74HC51 Hitachi2-wide 2-input, 2-wide 3-input AND-OR-INVERT Gates
HD14572UB HitachiHex Gate (4-Inverter, 2-input NOR Gate, 2-input NAND Gates)
2SA1190 HitachiSmall signal general purpose transistor
HN58V1001T-25 Hitachi1M EEPROM (128-kword x 8-bit) ready/busy and RES function
HD14077B HitachiQuad. 2-input Exclusive-NOR Gates
2SJ530(S) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HM62W16255HCTT-10 Hitachi4M High speed SRAM (256-kword x 16-bit)
HM62256ALP-12 Hitachi32,768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 120ns
HD74LS247 HitachiBCD-to-Seven Segment Decode/Driver with 15V outputs
HD6301V1P Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HSM88WK HitachiHigh frequency Schottky barrier diode for detection and mixer
HD68A21 Hitachi1.5MHz NMOS peripheral interface adapter (PIA)
2SC535 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
HA12173 HitachiAudio signal processor for car deck and cassette deck (dolby B/C-type NR with PB Amp), operating voltage range 7.0V to 16V
HD14078B Hitachi8-input NOR Gate
2SK2927 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
2SD2123(S) HitachiBipolar power general purpose transistor
2SB647A HitachiSmall signal general purpose transistor
HD153021F Hitachi25 Mbps VFO with 1-7 encoder/decoder
HD74HC573 HitachiOctal Transparent Latches with 3-state output
2SK2426 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HA22039 HitachiGaAs IC Low distortion mixer for micro wave application
HD74LS156 HitachiDual 2-to-4 line Decoders/Demultiplexers with Open Collector output
HD74LS253 HitachiDual 4 line-to-1 line Data Selector/Multiplexer with 3-state outputs
HD74HC352 HitachiDual 4-to-1 line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
HSC277 HitachiHigh frequency switching diode
HA16689MP Hitachi5-12 V, Read/write circuit
HN58X2432TI HitachiTwo-wire serial interface 32k bit (4096 x 8-bit), operating voltage 1.8V to 5.5V, 400kHz
2SJ217 HitachiPower switching MOSFET

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