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CT LTC1531 LTC1387 LT1001CH LTC1264-7 LT1085CM LTC1502-3.3 LT1185 RH1014M LTC1475 LTC1096ACN8 LTC1344 LT1218 LT1243 LT1085IT LT1248 LTC1596BIN LT1176 LT1072MJ8 LT1139ACN LTC1731EMS8-4.2 LT1636CN8 LTC1199IS8 LT1011 LTC1535 LT1132ACN LT1460S3(SOT-23) LTC1174IS8 LT1513-2

Linear Informatiebladen Catalog-24

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
LT1086CT-2.85 Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators fixed 2.85V
LT1171CT Linear100kHz, 2.5A high efficiency switching regulator
LTC1531 LinearSelf-Powered Isolated Comparator
LTC1387 LinearSingle 5V RS232/RS485 Multiprotocol Transceiver
LT1001CH LinearPrecision operational amplifier
LTC1264-7 LinearLinear Phase, Group Delay Equalized, 8th Order Lowpass Filter
LT1085CM LinearPositive adjustable regulators, 3A
LTC1502-3.3 LinearSingle Cell to 3.3V Regulated Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
LT1185 LinearLow Dropout Regulator
RH1014M LinearQuad Precision Operational Amplifier
LTC1475 LinearLow Quiescent Current High Efficiency Step-Down Converters
LTC1096ACN8 LinearMicropower sampling 8-bit serial I/O A/D converters, 16ms conversion time, 5V operation
LTC1344 LinearSoftware Selectable Cable Terminator
LT1218 LinearPrecision Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amp
LT1243 LinearHigh Speed Current Mode Pulse Width Modulators
LT1085IT LinearPositive adjustable regulators, 3A
LT1248 LinearPower Factor Controller
LTC1596BIN LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LT1176 LinearStep-Down Switching Regulator
LT1072MJ8 Linear1.25A high effciency switching regulator
LT1139ACN LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 4-drivers 4-receivers with shutdown with 12V and 5V supplies
LTC1731EMS8-4.2 LinearLithium-ion linear battery charger controller
LT1636CN8 LinearOver-the-top micropower rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifier
LTC1199IS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LT1011 LinearVoltage Comparator
LTC1535 LinearIsolated RS485 Transceiver
LT1132ACN LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 5-drivers 3-receivers with small capacitors
LT1460S3(SOT-23) LinearFamily of Micropower Series References in SOT-23
LTC1174IS8 LinearHigh efficiency step-down and inverting DC/DC converter
LT1513-2 LinearSEPIC Constant- or Programmable-Current/ Constant-Voltage Battery Charger

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