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K1299(L) 2SC3510 HD74LS280 2SK1831 2SK2144 HD74LV174A HM6264ALSP-10L 2SK217 HA12216F HD74HC4514 HZS2A3 2SK2221 HZS6C3 HM62V16256BLTT-8SL HN58V66AT-10 HA17806VP HN58X2408FPI HD74ACT107 2SC3380 HD63B03RCP HD74LVC16244A HD74LS76A 2SC3390 2SH27 HA17904PSJ HD66728A05TB0 2SC4500(L) 2SK

Hitachi Informatiebladen Catalog-28

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
HA13490FP Hitachi1.2 A, voice coll motor driver
2SC2776 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
2SK1299(L) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
2SC3510 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
HD74LS280 Hitachi9-bit Odd/Even Parity Generator/Checker
2SK1831 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
2SK2144 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD74LV174A HitachiHex D-type Flip-Flops with Clear
HM6264ALSP-10L Hitachi8192-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 100ns
2SK217 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier field effect (FET) transistor
HA12216F HitachiAudio signal processor for car deck (decode only dolby B type NR with PB Amp), operating voltage 6.5V to 12V
HD74HC4514 Hitachi4-bit Latch/4-to-16 line Decoder
HZS2A3 Hitachi1.8-2.0V zener diode for stabilized power supply
2SK2221 HitachiPower general purpose MOSFET
HZS6C3 Hitachi6.1-6.4V zener diode for stabilized power supply
HM62V16256BLTT-8SL Hitachi4M SRAM (256-kword x 16-bit), 85ns access time
HN58V66AT-10 Hitachi64k EEPROM (8-kword x 8-bit) Ready/Busy function, RES function, 100ns access time (2.7V to 4.4V), 70ns access time (4.5V to 5.5V)
HA17806VP HitachiPositive Voltage 3-Terminal Regulator
HN58X2408FPI HitachiTwo-wire serial interface 8k bit (1024 x 8-bit), operating voltage 1.8V to 5.5V, 400kHz
HD74ACT107 HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Clear
2SC3380 HitachiSmall signal general purpose transistor
HD63B03RCP Hitachi2MHz CMOS micro processing unit (MPU)
HD74LVC16244A Hitachi16-bit Buffers/Line Drivers with 3-state non-inverted outputs
HD74LS76A HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
2SC3390 HitachiNPN transistor for low frequency low noise amplifier and HF amplifier
2SH27 HitachiIGBT
HA17904PSJ HitachiDual operational amplifiers
HD66728A05TB0 Hitachi112 x 80-dot graphic LCD controller/driver
2SC4500(L) HitachiBipolar power switching Darlington transistor
2SK2957(S) HitachiPower switching MOSFET

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