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FP 2SC2776 2SK1299(L) HD74LS280 2SC3510 2SK2144 2SK1831 HD74LV174A HA12216F HM6264ALSP-10L HD74HC4514 2SK2221 HZS2A3 2SK217 HZS6C3 HM62V16256BLTT-8SL HN58X2408FPI HA17806VP HD74ACT107 HN58V66AT-10 2SC3380 HD63B03RCP HD74LVC16244A HD74LS76A HA17904PSJ 2SH27 2SC3390 2SK2957(S) HD66

Hitachi Informatiebladen Catalog-31

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
HM6264LFP-12 Hitachi8192-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 120ns
HA13490FP Hitachi1.2 A, voice coll motor driver
2SC2776 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
2SK1299(L) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD74LS280 Hitachi9-bit Odd/Even Parity Generator/Checker
2SC3510 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
2SK2144 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
2SK1831 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD74LV174A HitachiHex D-type Flip-Flops with Clear
HA12216F HitachiAudio signal processor for car deck (decode only dolby B type NR with PB Amp), operating voltage 6.5V to 12V
HM6264ALSP-10L Hitachi8192-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 100ns
HD74HC4514 Hitachi4-bit Latch/4-to-16 line Decoder
2SK2221 HitachiPower general purpose MOSFET
HZS2A3 Hitachi1.8-2.0V zener diode for stabilized power supply
2SK217 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier field effect (FET) transistor
HZS6C3 Hitachi6.1-6.4V zener diode for stabilized power supply
HM62V16256BLTT-8SL Hitachi4M SRAM (256-kword x 16-bit), 85ns access time
HN58X2408FPI HitachiTwo-wire serial interface 8k bit (1024 x 8-bit), operating voltage 1.8V to 5.5V, 400kHz
HA17806VP HitachiPositive Voltage 3-Terminal Regulator
HD74ACT107 HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Clear
HN58V66AT-10 Hitachi64k EEPROM (8-kword x 8-bit) Ready/Busy function, RES function, 100ns access time (2.7V to 4.4V), 70ns access time (4.5V to 5.5V)
2SC3380 HitachiSmall signal general purpose transistor
HD63B03RCP Hitachi2MHz CMOS micro processing unit (MPU)
HD74LVC16244A Hitachi16-bit Buffers/Line Drivers with 3-state non-inverted outputs
HD74LS76A HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
HA17904PSJ HitachiDual operational amplifiers
2SH27 HitachiIGBT
2SC3390 HitachiNPN transistor for low frequency low noise amplifier and HF amplifier
2SK2957(S) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD66728A05TB0 Hitachi112 x 80-dot graphic LCD controller/driver

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