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B566A(K) HB289016C4 HSU276A HM5264805FTT-75 HD63B05Y0F HD14529B HD63B01Y0H HN27C256G-25 HD14075B 2SD1609 HD6305Y2F HM62256ALFP-15T HG62E58 HD63A01V1F HD74HC157 HD63701Y0C HD74ACT163 2SK2725 HA13406W 2SC5218 HM9264BLFP-8L 2SK2568 HD74ACT112 2SK1947 HA12194F HD74HCT240 HSU83 HD63A0

Hitachi Informatiebladen Catalog-61

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
HD74BC373A HitachiOctal D-type Transparent Latches with 3-state output
2SJ586 HitachiPower small signal switching MOSFET
2SB566A(K) HitachiBipolar power switching transistor
HB289016C4 HitachiCompactFlash 16 MByte
HSU276A HitachiHigh frequency Schottky barrier diode for detection and mixer
HM5264805FTT-75 Hitachi64M LVTTL interface SDRAM, 133 MHz, 2-Mword x 8-bit x 4-bank
HD63B05Y0F Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HD14529B HitachiDual 4-channel Analog Data Selector
HD63B01Y0H Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HN27C256G-25 Hitachi256K (32K x 8-bit) UV EPROM, 250ns
HD14075B HitachiTriple 3-input OR Gates
2SD1609 HitachiBipolar power general purpose transistor
HD6305Y2F Hitachi1MHz CMOS MCU (microcontroller unit), no internal ROM
HM62256ALFP-15T Hitachi32,768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 150ns
HG62E58 Hitachi0.3-6.7 V, master slice CMOS gate array
HD63A01V1F Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HD74HC157 HitachiQuad. 2-to-1 line Data Selectors/Multiplexers with noninverted outputs
HD63701Y0C Hitachi0.3-7 V, 1 MHz, CMOS microcomputer unit
HD74ACT163 HitachiSynchronous 4-bit Binary Counter with Synchronous Clear
2SK2725 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HA13406W Hitachi7 V, three-phase brushless motor driver
2SC5218 HitachiSmall signal high frequency amplifier transistor
HM9264BLFP-8L Hitachi64k SRAM (8-kword x 8-bit), 85ns access time
2SK2568 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD74ACT112 HitachiDual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear
2SK1947 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HA12194F HitachiAudio signal processor for car deck (decode only dolby B-type NR with PB Amp) operating voltage 7.2V to 15V
HD74HCT240 HitachiOctal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers with inverted 3-state outputs
HSU83 HitachiHigh frequency small signal diode
HD63A05Y1P Hitachi1.5MHz CMOS MCU (microcontroller unit)

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