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) HZS24-1 HD74HCT643 HD74ALVCH162821 HVM187WK PF08103A HM628128DLTS-7SL HA12142NT HA16605W HD6301V1L HD74HC679 HD14536B HA12222F 4AK20 HM628512BLP-7UL HD74AC123A HM62V16258BLTT-8 2SK1337 HA13484NT 2SK3289 HVM187S HM62G18512BP-4 HD14501UB 2SK2940(L) HM628128DLR-7UL HD74LS293 HA121

Hitachi Informatiebladen Catalog-75

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
HD63A05V0P Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
2SK1314(S) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HZS24-1 Hitachi22.9-24.0V zener diode for stabilized power supply
HD74HCT643 HitachiOctal Bus Transceivers with 3-state outputs
HD74ALVCH162821 Hitachi3.3V 20-bit Bus Interface Flip-Flop with 3-state Outputs
HVM187WK HitachiHigh frequency PIN diode for attenuater
PF08103A HitachiPower MOSFET RF amplifier module
HM628128DLTS-7SL Hitachi1 M SRAM (128-kword x 8-bit), 70ns
HA12142NT HitachiDolby B-and C-type noise reduction system
HA16605W Hitachi7 V, burner controller
HD6301V1L Hitachi0.3-7 V, CMOS microcomputer unit
HD74HC679 Hitachi12-bit Address Comparator
HD14536B HitachiProgrammable Timer
HA12222F HitachiAudio signal processor for car deck (decode only dolby B type NR with PB Amp), operating voltage 6.8V to 12V
4AK20 HitachiPower MOSFET array
HM628512BLP-7UL Hitachi4M SRAM (512-kword x 8-bit), 70ns access time
HD74AC123A HitachiDual Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrators with Clear
HM62V16258BLTT-8 Hitachi4M SRAM (256-kword x 16-bit), 85 ns accesss time
2SK1337 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HA13484NT HitachiThree-phase brushless motor PWM controller with digital speed control
2SK3289 HitachiPower small signal switching MOSFET
HVM187S HitachiHigh frequency PIN diode for attenuater
HM62G18512BP-4 Hitachi8M Synchronous fast static RAM (512k-word x 18-bit)
HD14501UB HitachiTriple Gate Dual 4-input NAND Gates, 2-input NOR/OR Gate
2SK2940(L) HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HM628128DLR-7UL Hitachi1 M SRAM (128-kword x 8-bit), 70ns
HD74LS293 Hitachi4-bit Binary Counter
HA12161FP HitachiDolby B-and C-type noise reduction system
2SK1328 HitachiPower switching MOSFET
HD74ACT244 HitachiOctal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers with noninverted 3-state outputs

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