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LTC2902-1IGN LT1056MH LT1168 LTC1595BCN8 LTC1843 LTC1668 LM329BH LM338 LT1056CN8 LTC1472 LT1761ES5-1.5 LT1055CH LT1083CK LT1963EQ-3.3 LT1071 LTC1159CN-3.3 LT1117 LTC1555 LT1117CST LTC1445IN LTC1482 LT1533 LT1014AMJ LTC1061CS LTC1069-1 LTC1659 LT1963AEQ-2.5 LM329DZ

Linear Informatiebladen Catalog-37

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
LT1013IS8 LinearDual precision operational amplifier
LT1109CS8 LinearMicropower low cost DC/DC converter adjustable
LTC2902-1IGN LinearProgrammable quad supply monitor with adjustable reset timer and supply tolerance
LT1056MH LinearPrecision, high speed, JFET input operational amplifiers
LT1168 LinearLow Power, Single Resistor Gain Programmable, Micropower Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
LTC1595BCN8 LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC1843 LinearUltralow Power Dual Comparators with Reference
LTC1668 Linear16-Bit, 50Msps DAC
LM329BH Linear6.9V precision voltage reference
LM338 Linear5A Positive Adjustable Voltage Regulator
LT1056CN8 LinearPrecision, high speed, JFET input operational amplifiers
LTC1472 LinearProtected PCMCIA VCC and VPP Switching Matrix
LT1761ES5-1.5 Linear100mA, low noise, LDO micropower regulators, output 1.5V
LT1055CH LinearPrecision, high speed, JFET input operational amplifiers
LT1083CK LinearPositive adjustable regulators, 7.5A
LT1963EQ-3.3 Linear1.5A, low noise, fast transient response LDO regulator, 3.3V
LT1071 Linear5A and 2.5A High Efficiency Switching Regulators
LTC1159CN-3.3 LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators
LT1117 Linear800mA Low Dropout Positive Regulators Adjustable and Fixed 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V
LTC1555 LinearSIM Power Supply and Level Translator
LT1117CST Linear800mA low dropout positive regulators adjustable
LTC1445IN LinearUltralow power quad comparators with reference
LTC1482 LinearLow Power RS485 Transceiver with Carrier Detect and Receiver Fail-Safe
LT1533 LinearUltralow Noise 1A Switching Regulator
LT1014AMJ LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
LTC1061CS LinearHigh performance triple universal filter building block
LTC1069-1 LinearLow Power, 8th Order Progressive Elliptic, Lowpass Filter
LTC1659 Linear12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Micropower DAC in MSOP Package
LT1963AEQ-2.5 Linear1.5A, low noise, fast transient response LDO regulator, 2.5V
LM329DZ Linear6.9V precision voltage reference

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