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BC SLC-22VR BA3830S BA6467FP-Y BA6890FP DTC124TE BR9010FV 2SD2318 DTC143TSA DTB123YS UDZ3.9B DTD123YS 2SD1781K SLR-322DU BH3852FS BU2050F DTB114TK BA178M07T PN2907A RLD-78PP-G1 BA3641FV BU4094BC EDZ5.1B UDZS5.1B SLA-370MT 2N4401 1SR139-400 BA17810T

ROHM Informatiebladen Catalog-15

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
IMN11 ROHMSwitching diode
BA7725S ROHMAnalog compander for KARAOKE echo system
BU4053BC ROHMTriple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
SLC-22VR ROHMSmall cylindrcal (2 mm) LED (red)
BA3830S ROHMBand-pass filter for spectrum analyzer
BA6467FP-Y ROHM3-phase motor driver for VCR cylinder
BA6890FP ROHM4-channel H-bridge type BTL driver
DTC124TE ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
BR9010FV ROHM1kbit EEPROM for direct connection to serial ports
2SD2318 ROHMHigh-current gain power transistor
DTC143TSA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
DTB123YS ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistors)
UDZ3.9B ROHMZener diode
DTD123YS ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
2SD1781K ROHMNPN silicon medium power transistor
SLR-322DU ROHMReflecting small directly mountable LED (diffused orange)
BH3852FS ROHMSound control IC
BU2050F ROHM8-bit serial in, parallel out driver IC
DTB114TK ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
BA178M07T ROHM7V regulator
PN2907A ROHMPNP medium power, switching transistor
RLD-78PP-G1 ROHMTitle AlGaAs, duble-heterojunction, visible laser diode
BA3641FV ROHMRecording amplifier with built-in ALC for headphone stereo
BU4094BC ROHM8-bit compatible shift/store register
EDZ5.1B ROHMZener diode
UDZS5.1B ROHMZener diode
SLA-370MT ROHMHigh luminance, small LED
2N4401 ROHMNPN medium power, switching transistor
1SR139-400 ROHMRectifier diode
BA17810T ROHM5V regulator

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