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9010FV 2SD2318 DTC143TSA DTB123YS UDZ3.9B DTD123YS BH3852FS SLR-322DU 2SD1781K BA17805T LB-402MF BU2050F DTB114TK PN2907A BA178M07T RLD-78PP-G1 BU4094BC EDZ5.1B DTC124TKA UDZS5.1B BA3641FV SLA-370MT 2N4401 1SR139-400 BA17810T IMN10 BU9480F BP51L05

ROHM Informatiebladen Catalog-17

Deel NeeFabrikantToepassing
DTC124TE ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
SLC-22VR ROHMSmall cylindrcal (2 mm) LED (red)
BR9010FV ROHM1kbit EEPROM for direct connection to serial ports
2SD2318 ROHMHigh-current gain power transistor
DTC143TSA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
DTB123YS ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistors)
UDZ3.9B ROHMZener diode
DTD123YS ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
BH3852FS ROHMSound control IC
SLR-322DU ROHMReflecting small directly mountable LED (diffused orange)
2SD1781K ROHMNPN silicon medium power transistor
BA17805T ROHM5V regulator
LB-402MF ROHMHigh efficiency, two-digit numeric display
BU2050F ROHM8-bit serial in, parallel out driver IC
DTB114TK ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
PN2907A ROHMPNP medium power, switching transistor
BA178M07T ROHM7V regulator
RLD-78PP-G1 ROHMTitle AlGaAs, duble-heterojunction, visible laser diode
BU4094BC ROHM8-bit compatible shift/store register
EDZ5.1B ROHMZener diode
DTC124TKA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
UDZS5.1B ROHMZener diode
BA3641FV ROHMRecording amplifier with built-in ALC for headphone stereo
SLA-370MT ROHMHigh luminance, small LED
2N4401 ROHMNPN medium power, switching transistor
1SR139-400 ROHMRectifier diode
BA17810T ROHM5V regulator
IMN10 ROHMSwitching diode
BU9480F ROHM16-bit stereo D/A converter for audio application
BP51L05 ROHMDC/DC converter unit

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